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Migrating Server Workloads with the DynaCenter Console

The DynaCenter Console allows you to configure waves of servers to migrate existing physical or virtual server workloads into a target cloud environment. The migration operation gathers hardware information, configuration information, and the content of the disk from each source server in the migration wave and then moves each server workload to the specified Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment. When migrating to an AWS environment, you can deploy to multi-tenant hardware (the default behavior), or you can use a profile to deploy to single-tenant hardware or to a single-tenant dedicated host. After a server workload is successfully migrated, you can use the DynaCenter Console to synchronize the deployed server with the source server to ensure data consistency before you cutover to using the newly deployed server.

Preparing to Migrate Migrating Servers
Describes tasks that are prerequisites to migrating using the DynaCenter Console. Describes how to migrate source servers using DynaCenter Console migration waves.
Synchronizing Migrated Servers Archiving Migrated Servers
Describes how to synchronize migrated servers so that the data on the deployed server is consistent with the data on the source server. Describes how to archive migration waves after migration tasks have been completed.
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