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Archiving a Wave

Archiving a wave removes the wave from the Migrations view so that you can more easily focus on waves that have remaining operations to perform.

Best Practice

Archive a wave after you have successfully migrated the servers in the wave and after you have completed any necessary sync operations on the migrated servers.

Note: You can archive a wave at any stage of the migration workflow; however, if you archive a wave before all operations for all servers have completed satisfactorily, you will have to use the Show All button DynaCenter Console Show All button to find an archived server that you want to initiate an outstanding operation for.


  1. In the Migrations view, select the wave(s) that you want to archive.

    Tip: Use Ctrl + click or Cmd + click to select multiple waves.

  2. Click the Archive Wave button DynaCenter Console Archive Wave button.


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