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Deploying the Server Image

The deploy operation takes a captured image from an existing image depot and deploys it to a target server in the cloud. As part of the deploy operation, DynaCenter creates a new cloud server for the image you are deploying. When deploying an image to an AWS GovCloud environment, you can deploy to multi-tenant hardware (the default behavior), or you can use a profile to deploy to single-tenant hardware.


  • From the command line of the MWS, run the following command:
    dccmd cloud deploy image \ 
    [--size=<server_size>] \
    [--depot=<depot_url>] \
    [--profile=<profile_url>] \ 
    <image_id> \
    <domain_id> \
    <server_id> \



    Capacity for the new server

    If not specified, DynaCenter will choose the newest generation, lowest cost instance based on the CPU and RAM of the source server.


    Location of the depot that contains the captured image to be deployed

    Note: If you are using the default image depot, you do not need to include the --depot option.


    Profile to use when deploying an image

    The value is either a URL that points to a document accessible from the MWS or a string that contains all of the profile data.

    Example: --profile=file:///profiles/my_deploy_profile

    Tip: On the MWS, type curl –k <profile_url> to test your profile url. For example, curl –k file:///profiles/my_deploy_profile


    Name of the captured image to deploy

    Tip: Use the dccmd list images command to view a list of images.


    DynaCenter domain where the new server will be created

    Tip: Use the dccmd cloud list domains command to view a list of registered domains.

    server_idName for the new server

    Name of the network where the target server will be located

    Tip: Use the dccmd list networks command to view a list of registered networks.


    dccmd cloud deploy image \
    --size=c3.xlarge.ssd \
    --depot=dav://mystorage/repo/images \
    --profile=file:///profiles/cloud_email_cluster \ 
    dell_r200_rh55_64 \
    amazon_cloud \ 
    production_web \ 

    Note: If the deploy does not complete successfully, the cloud server that DynaCenter created to receive the image is cleaned up and automatically deleted.

    Important: After DynaCenter deploys a Windows image that has remote desktop enabled, it can take several minutes for Windows to initialize; you should wait 5-10 minutes after the deploy operation completes before you try to access the system.


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