Getting Started Checklist

This topic provides a checklist of the main steps in the process of migrating a server workload — from creating and configuring the DynaCenter instance from the AWS Marketplace to migrating server workloads in to the target cloud environment; the links in this topic take you to the detailed information about each step.

P Step Description
¨ Verify the supported operating systems Lists the operating systems that you can migrate using DynaCenter
¨ Understand the various required AWS permissions Explains how to organize the AWS permissions needed to perform the installation, configuration, and migration tasks

Verify the installation prerequisites are met

Lists the prerequisites for installing DynaCenter
Describes the Amazon environment setup
Describes the instance role that must be assigned to the DynaCenter instance
Lists the AWS permissions required to create the DynaCenter instance and install DynaCenter
¨ Install DynaCenter Describes how to provision a DynaCenter instance from the AWS Marketplace

Verify the configuration prerequisites are met

Lists the prerequisites for configuring DynaCenter
Lists the AWS permissions required to configure DynaCenter
¨ Configure DynaCenter Describes how to configure DynaCenter using DynaCenter Launch

Verify the migration prerequisites are met

Lists the prerequisites for migrating server workloads using DynaCenter
Lists configuration requirements for the source server
Describes how to install a DynaCenter agent on the server you want to migrate (the source server)
Describes how to log in to the DynaCenter Console
Describes how to configure a migration template, which controls how a server workload is migrated
¨ Migrate Server Workloads Describes how to migrate server workloads



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