Installing DynaCenter from the AWS Marketplace

This topic walks you through the process of launching a DynaCenter instance from the AWS Marketplace.


  1. Log in to the AWS Marketplace using your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account credentials.

  2. Do one of the following to navigate to the product information page:
  3. After you review the DynaCenter product information page, click Continue to begin the installation process.
  4. Review the AWS Customer Agreement and the DynaCenter End User License Agreement, and then click Accept Software Terms.
  5. Locate the region where you want to launch your DynaCenter instance (the Management Workstation (MWS)), and then click Launch with EC2 Console.
  6. On the Choose an Instance Type page, select a supported Instance Type.

    Note: The DynaCenter instance must have at least 2 vCPUs and 8 GiB RAM; the supported Instance Types all meet this minimum requirement.

  7. Click Next: Configure Instance Details.
  8. On the Configure Instance Details page, provide the following information:
    NetworkThe VPC environment where the MWS will be installed

    The subnet within the VPC environment that the MWS should be installed in

    IAM RoleThe IAM Role to assign to the MWS

    Note: You can configure the other options on the Configure Instance Details page in any way that is appropriate for your environment.

  9. Click Next: Add Storage.
  10. On the Add Storage page, you can configure the following:
    • Storage capacity — The default storage capacity is the recommended minimum storage for the MWS; you can increase the storage size for either volume, or add volumes, but you must not reduce the storage capacity allocated to the default volumes or delete either volume
    • Storage encryption — the default EBS volume is not encrypted; if you want to encrypt the EBS volume, select the Encrypted check box
  11. Click Next: Tag Instance.
  12. On the Tag Instance page, add any tags you want to apply to the instance, and then click Next: Configure Security Group.
  13. On the Configure Security Group page, create a new, or apply an existing security group, that allows the appropriate access to the MWS.
  14. Click Review and Launch.
  15. Verify the instance details are as expected, and then click Launch.
  16. After the instance is created, make a note of the IP address or the hostname of the instance.

    Before an authorized user can migrate servers using DynaCenter, they must configure DynaCenter by connecting to the instance and running DynaCenter Launch; they will use the IP address or the hostname of the instance to do this.


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