Installation Scenario

In this installation scenario, DynaCenter is installed on a Management Workstation (MWS) that is located inside your VPC environment and you will migrate servers into VPC subnets that,by default, have access to the DynaCenter Management Workstation (MWS), the DynaCenter depots, and a RedHat/CentOS yum repository (if migrating Linux-based servers). Captured images are stored in, and deployed from, storage local to the MWS and the sync operation uses storage local to the MWS.

Scenario Diagram

Note: For illustration purposes, the image depot is represented as a separate element in the environment; however, the depot is actually co-located on the Management Workstation (MWS).

VPC Netwok Diagram

Environment Setup

Ensure that at least the Required items listed below have already been set up in your Amazon environment:

  • Required: A VPC environment
  • Required: One or more subnets within the VPC environment where the new server will reside; these subnets can be public or private
  • Required: An internet gateway (IGW) that is attached to the VPC where migrated servers will reside. The internet gateway provides access to the Amazon endpoints and to the other AWS infrastructure required to facilitate the deploy process.

    Note: The internet gateway does not, by itself, allow inbound or outbound network access to resources inside the VPC —access is controlled through the use of route tables and security groups.

  • Required: Network access to the infrastructure required for the deploy process.
  • Recommended: A network address translation (NAT) instance with its own Elastic IP address. When a NAT is available, DynaCenter can perform multiple, simultaneous migrations. When no NAT is available, DynaCenter must temporarily consume one Elastic IP for each migration operation; as only a limited number of Elastic IPs are available, environments without a NAT cannot support multiple, simultaneous migration operations.


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