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Installing and Setting Up DynaCenter for Scenario 2

This guide walks you through the installation and set up of DynaCenter when you need to migrate servers into an Amazon VPC subnet that does not have access to the DynaCenter Management Workstation (MWS), the DynaCenter depots, or a RedHat/CentOS yum repository (if migrating Linux-based servers). This scenario requires a dedicated deploy subnet for migration operations. In this scenario, DynaCenter is installed on a Management Workstation (MWS) that is located inside your VPC environment and uses storage local to the MWS for migration and sync operations.

Installation Scenario Setting Up the DynaCenter Host System
Describes and illustrates the installation scenario. Describes the requirements for the host system where DynaCenter will be installed.
Installing DynaCenter Setting up DynaCenter
Describes how to install the DynaCenter software. Describes the tasks needed to configure DynaCenter.
Getting Help Glossary
Understand how to work with the DynaCenter Command Line. Glossary of terms.


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