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Enabling the Component Management Commands

Components are created and managed with special commands that exist outside of the DynaCenter API, the component management commands. Before you can work with the component management commands (also referred to as the “r commands”), you must make them available in your path:

  • To make the “r commands” available for a session, type the following at the MWS shell prompt:
    aliases_file=$(/opt/race/bin/python -c "import racemi.\
    rslotmgrlib; print racemi.rslotmgrlib.__path__[0]")\
    source $aliases_file
  • To make the “r commands” available whenever you log in to the MWS, add the following lines to the bashrc file on the MWS:

    # Enable r-commands on MWSs
    if [ -e /opt/race/mws ]; then
        aliases_file=$(/opt/race/bin/python -c "import \
    racemi.rslotmgrlib; print racemi.rslotmgrlib.__path\
        source $aliases_file

Tip: Certain commands issued from the CLI require authentication. If authorization is required, the command will prompt for a username and password. You can avoid passing the username and password as clear text on the command line by creating an authenticated session.


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