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Establishing an Authenticated CLI Session

Certain commands issued from the CLI require authentication. If authorization is required, the command will prompt for a username and password. You can avoid passing the username and password as clear text on the command line by creating an authenticated session.

Set up an authenticated session

At any point when you are using the CLI, you can begin an authenticated session to eliminate the need to authenticate each command as you issue it.

  1. On the MWS, type the following command:

    racelogin --use-auth-cache

    The system will prompt you for the username and password to use for this session.

  2. On the MWS, run the DynaCenter CLI commands you need.

    DynaCenter will execute the commands without requesting your username and password.

  3. On the MWS, type the following command:


    DynaCenter ends the authenticated session and log in security is restored to the system.

    Important: Logging out of Linux does not end the authenticated session.


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