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Understanding the Component Management Commands

Components are created and managed with special commands that exist outside of the DynaCenter API. Use the following commands to create and manage components:

Note: To see help for a specific command, on the MWS type <command_name> --help; for example, msa --help.

Tip: Certain commands issued from the CLI require authentication. If authorization is required, the command will prompt for a username and password. You can avoid passing the username and password as clear text on the command line by creating an authenticated session.

Command Purpose
msa make snapshot archive; creates a component archive that contains all of the files in the component directory (component content files, control script, and control files)
rinstallsnapshot Converts a component archive into a component that can be distributed by DynaCenter during a deploy task

Opens a command prompt inside the component home directory so that you can copy a control script into the component directory, copy content files into the root directory, reorganize files, set file permissions, etc.

Note: You must be the root user to use this command.

rlistsnapshot Returns a list of the components present on the MWS
rshowsnapshot Displays the details for a specified component
rsetsnapshot Changes the attributes of an existing component
rrenamesnaphost Changes the name of an existing component
rsnapshotarchive Saves an existing component as a component archive


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